Cooling relief from fever discomfort

Cooling relief from fever discomfort

Cooling relief from fever discomfort

Easy as 1-2-3





BeKOOOL Kids have been trusted for 20+ years as a convenient, non-medicated solution for children’s fever discomfort. They provide instant cooling relief to help you comfort your child when they need it most. BeKOOOL Kids’ new-gen cold compress is sized for kids’ foreheads to provide mess-free cooling relief that stays put – perfect for fidgety kids! BeKOOOL Kids soft gel sheets cool on contact, with no fridge required – so they are ready to use anywhere and anytime your child has a fever


  • Stick & stay technology, mess-free removal
  • Safe alongside OTC meds
  • Fridge-free convenience
  • 8 hours of cooling relief
  • One-time use

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Q: Are BeKOOOL Kids safe to use on babies?
A: BeKOOOL Kids should only be used on babies and young children under constant, direct adult supervision. Please carefully read the warnings and instructions prior to use.
Q: Are BeKOOOL Kids only for kids?
A: BeKOOOL Kids is sized for children; however, it can also be used by adults. BeKOOOL Migraine is a larger patch that is more suitable for adults.
Q: What are the measurements of BeKOOOL Kids?
A:  Each BeKOOOL Kids patch is 2” x 4 ¼”
Q: Does BeKOOOL Kids contain latex?
A: No, BeKOOOL Kids does not contain latex.
Q: Does BeKOOOL Kids contain gelatin?
A: No, BeKOOOL Kids does not contain gelatin.
Q: Can BeKOOOL Kids be used with medication?
A: Yes, BeKOOOL Kids can be used with internal medications.
Q: Can I store BeKOOOL Kids in the refrigerator?
A: Yes. However, BeKOOOL Kids should NOT be frozen.
Q: How long do BeKOOOL Kids last when in use?
A: BeKOOOL Kids provide cooling relief for up to 8 hours
Q: Does BeKOOOL Kids expire?
A: No, BeKOOOL Kids do not have an expiration date if they are kept in the original, unopened pouches.
Q: Does BeKOOOL Kids leave a sticky residue?
A: Because BeKOOOL Kids do not contain an adhesive, they will not leave a sticky residue upon removal. The patch remains in place due to the cooling hydrogel in the gel sheet.
Q: What is the active ingredient in BeKOOOL Kids?
A: BeKOOOL Kids is a non-medicated cooling gel sheet consisting of a water-based gel containing water, a polymer, and a slight amount of menthol and preservatives. Active ingredients are only present in medicated products.
Q: Are BeKOOOL Kids scented?
A: While BeKOOOL Kids original do not contain scent additives, the menthol gives off a natural menthol scent. BeKOOOL Kids Cooling Vapor Sheets contains a soothing mint vapor.

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