When your little one comes down with a fever, BeKOOOL non-medicated gel sheets provide immediate cooling relief for up to 8 hours – no refrigeration needed

BeKOOOL Migraine

Don’t let headaches and migranes hold you back. BeKOOOL gel sheets for migranes provide reliable, cooling relief that lasts all day so you can get back to living.



With a targeted metal applicator for quick, penetrating relief.

Gel Sheet

Meet the BeKOOOL Soft Gel Sheet

BeKOOOL non-medicated gel sheets adhere to the skin to provide cooling, soothing relief from migraines, headaches, and the discomfort of fever. Learn more about our line of products.

Ready to Use Immediately

Get reliable relief quickly. Simply cut open the pouch to remove a gel sheet. Remove and discard the transparent film and adhere the gel sheet to the forehead or affected area.

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Moms agree… BeKOOOL is best!

We LOVE these and ALWAYS have them around the house for when our son gets a fever. They help bring the fever down in between doses of Tylenol. They also help bring down a high fever a few more degrees. Our house will NEVER be without!

– Laura, Amazon

I, an adult, use these for headaches. Love them. I even cut them in half to get more uses out of them. I have also used them on my daughter for a fever and it did help to bring the fever down quicker and made her not feel so hot.

– Heath, Amazon

These are my go-to when my daughter has a fever. They stick and stay for the night and only become dry at the edges! Even when it starts to dry, it still sticks in the middle! Lasts the whole night. Keeps my daughters fever down very well. Definitely recommended for parents to have this in their medicine cabinet!!!

– Jay N, Amazon